Monday, January 30, 2012

You look really productive

I am off from work today so around 11:30 am, I grab the garbage and my laundry bag to complete those errands.

As I am walking towards the outdoor garbage in my colored jeans, a guy passing helps me with the garbage. I greet him, thank him and head towards the laundromat.

I cross the street and he asks me a few questions and says that I look productive. Im thinking "dude its 11:30am I am clearly not going to work, what about me looks productive?" So I ask him. Whatever he responded did not leave a lasting impression because its only 4:20pm and I have already forgotten.

Now I am in Connecticut, my dad picked me up from the train. Going to see the rest of the fam now.

Why do I associate productivity with work? Why do I assume that I would look more productive if I had on a suit rather colored jeans? Is that a cultural mindset? Is it unproductive to rest or sleep?

Go figure this entry was simply about a guy randomly calling me productive and now I am having all these thought provoking "productive" thoughts ;)

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