Monday, January 30, 2012

Please dont give me the Holy Spirit!

Growing up there was a woman who would "catch the Holy Spirit" every Sunday in church religiously around 12pm.

She would frolic, run around the church and occasionally, foam would ooze out of her mouth. It would be a huge distraction but I was told that it was the Holy Spirit.

I vividly remember praying "Lord, please don't give me the Holy Spirit!" As I reflect, I am thankful to God that
1. I attend a Word based church that does not perform or have the dog n pony show
2. I am taught the Word of God with simplicity and understanding
3. He didnt answer that prayer!

People are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Jesus walked the earth but as He was leaving, He assured the people that the Holy Spirit would be sent as a Comforter (John 16:7). Now there I was praying that I would not "get" something that God wanted to get to me and that was a gift!

See... the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, He does not force Himself on anyone.He would never just "come over you".He has to be invited. He stands at the door knocking (Revelation 3:20).

He would never disrupt the order of service because God operates in order and excellence. Now whether this lady was faking is not my place to judge but I know that she lacked understanding.

Once I started attending my current church, I realized that speaking in tongues is biblical and its also useful! We actually have corporate prayer sessions where we would make statements in English and then we would be asked to "pray that in the Holy Spirit" Oh noooo, wait a minute! I started having a problem with it because I still had the mentality that "it should come over you" so I thought it was fake. How could you just turn it on and off?

Let's consider two scenarios:
1. You walk into a room, its dark, you dont know what to do and you dont know where to go but you know where the light switch is so you turn on the light. Voila! Light be
2. You have a weapon and you are being attacked. You want the trigger to go off but you are not releasing it.

Whats the point of having a tool of you wont use it? What the point of staying in darkness if there is light? The Holy Spirit has to be accessible to be effectual. You have to be able to use when you want to and turn on at your disposal.

The benefits of the Holy Spirit include but are not limited to edification, revealing unknown mysteries, building up the inner man.

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