Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stazione Central

The train stations and metro stations remind me of South Korea. There is underground shopping and you can usually get some really nice items.

This ad is for one of the stores in the station. I can appreciate the fact that the advertising is very direct. I mean forget the subliminal seduction, whatever you are into... Be all about it! So tp clarify I am not endorsing or condemning, just doing what thw ad did...state the facts!

American advertisement has alwaya annoyed me because there would be a beer commercial and all the girls would be naked and not drinking beer! What is the connection? Sex sells? Yes I get that but so doea creativity. I just saw an ad on Italian local tv, there were girls wearing mini skirts and it focused on the length/size of the skirt. But then it was an ad for a Fiat! No its not the same, this was for a mini Fiat lol. Like a mini coupe or something but the emphasis likewise was on the length/size. That works for me.

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