Monday, January 30, 2012

Religious Lingo: Are you saved?

1. Are you saved?
Saved from what? What does that mean?

The Word of God should be taught with simplicity and understanding. That's why pastors shouldnt hoop and holla and put on a show when they preach because if people cannot understand, how will they know? If there is no knowledge, how will they have power? If there is no power, how can you initiate change?
People are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

So let me simplify it for you:
To be saved means that you have a personal relationship with Jesus.   Have you  accepted Jesus as your Savior by confessing that He is Lord. Simply put, have you accepted or rejected Jesus in your life?

What are you saved from?
Damnation, hell, a bad future, etc

Mark 16:16 says if you believe and you are baptized, you will be saved but if you do not believe, you will be damned.

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