Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The New York Train Hustle

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen sorry for the interruption. My name is xxxx and I am out here selling candy to support my basketball team.

Then when that line got weak, people would replace the basketball line with "Im not out here selling candy for no basketball team. Im selling candy for myself. That will keep money in my pocket and me out of yours" (scaring me into buying from you for fear of you robbing me? Seriously?)

Then another one added the line...
Some of yall may know me, some of yall dont. My name is xxx, they call me the candy man. Im not out there robbing and stealing, I am on the A Train candy dealing.

I have mixed feelings about this. Today I have a headache and my brain feels fried so that was totally an interruption but most days I enjoy the creativity...


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