Monday, January 30, 2012

Stickfly Review

In an attempt to broaden our cultural experiences together, a few girlfriends took advantage of Broadway Week and went to see Stick Fly, which has received some notable acclaim as it was “presented by Alicia Keys”.

This is a modern day tale of an African American family who lives on Martha’s Vineyard and explores issues of race, politics and dysfunctional families through a heartfelt story and bouts of comedy.

We are led into the LeVay home and meet Cheryl, played by Condola Rashad (yes she is the daughter of Phylicia Rashad). Cheryl’s character promises to be the most unpredictable and humorous of the bunch. Watching her story unfold through sarcastic quips will leave you with laughter and tears.

The title “Stick Fly” is certainly a metaphor for newly engaged entomologist, Taylor who is meeting her fiancĂ© Kent’s (Dule Hill) family for the first time. Tracie Thoms brings this character to life as a young middle class woman with a giant chip on her shoulder. Having grown up in a single-family household while her father a well-known author shacked up with his other family. Her character though very humorous at times, becomes tiresome to watch as she consistently has a “woe me” attitude.

Mekhi Phifer plays Kent’s brother Flynn, he is the ladies' man, plastic surgeon and is ready to ignite flames by bringing his “wasp” girlfriend Kimber (Rosie Benton) home to meet his mother. Kimber’s personality and confidence shine through on the stage with quirky comebacks and a strong backbone against Taylor's many stabs.

Though at times the story is overly exaggerated and the writing is foreseeable, there is enough comedy and drama to keep you entertained!

What took me away was the emotion and life lessons embedded within the drama, as a woman who has experienced interracial relationships and the youth of a broken home, Tracy and Kimber shed light on moments of my own experiences.

It’s definitely not one of those must see plays that you should break the bank over! However, if you are looking for a good laugh, a great cast and very relatable life story then this show is for you. If I had stars it would get a whole 4 ****

Review by Ladika Sagar

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