Sunday, January 15, 2012

Eat... Pray...

I ate so much food last night but that is one of the beauties of Italy...the its time to pray.

I visited a cathedral San Giochismo. It was uncomfortably familiar as just two years ago I recall my first time in Chinese church where all I understood was "Amen". The fact that I did not understand the language did nor bother me, it was the things I understood that did. The service was extremely religious and traditional. I felt that it was so staged and routined that there was no room for fresh experiences.  It included a lot of memorization, reading in a call and response method and making signs of the cross. I felt as if the focus on what we did was greater than what Jesus did.

Later an extremely old man dressed in green started speaking/singing. It vaguely reminded me of Eminem chanting. I will not comment on his content because who am I to speak considering I have never studied Italian!

After service, I walked over to the square and then headed back to the hotel.

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