Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Passion like fire is neutral

Whenever I think about passion, I usually refer to something I really enjoy or love. I have learned that passion is not always something that brings pleasure but could potentially produce anger.

I was on the train when something brought tears to my eyes. There was a homeless guy on the platform trying to find something out of the garbage but it was too low so he couldn't get to it. I do not like the thought of anyone going hungry or being unable to secure a meal on a daily basis, its worst if they are homeless or a child. Clearly this angered me but shouldnt your passion move you to action? Should I have gotten off the train and given him money? (Oh right my money was stolen last night). Maybe thats why I have been having my moods with New York. I feel helpless here. There are so many things I see on a daily basis that I cannot immediately fix. Where are all the resources? Is that where I come in?

That man could have been my father. Homelessness is not necessarily sprung upon someone because of bad decisions. It just takes one untimely unfortunate situation and anyone can become a victim.

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