Saturday, January 21, 2012

What I love about New York City: The melting pot

Talented Mariachi bands playing on/in the subway
Talented youth doing stunts (they call it dancing) in the train
People of every shape, shade, height and weight
Food from every culture
Little communities based on country (China Town, Little Italy, Astoria/South Ozone Park for Indians, Flatbush Ave for Caribbean folks, etc)
Transit system at any hour (go MTA)
Street fruit vendors
The A train comedian
Broadway plays
Lights in Times Square
Hair stylists
Stores open past 10
Convenience stores
99 cents stores
Major international airport hub
The multilingual bootleg DVD salesman ... A bargain is a bargain in any language (hate sales pitch on trains but I like that he does it well)
Major league sports teams?

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