Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I choose not to sin...

There is no physical restraint on a Christian any more than there is for a non Christian so this must be a moral restriction. Restriction has been used as a negative connotation, but lets consider this for a moment.

For a fish to live a full free life, it must be "restricted" or contained in the boundary of water. If you try to give a fish freedom by taking it out of water and allowing it to frolick freely on land, we achieve an adverse effect as the fish will die. So restrictions and boundaries aren't so bad at all, right? Similarly, I choose to live by the guidelines of the scriptures because they work out best for me.

I can do anything I want because I do not live under a law or fear that God will "strike" me or send me to hell (besides God does not send people to hell, people choose to go there by their decisions). I am a free agent, allowed to do as I please with my life and my freewill. The difference is even though everything is permissible, not everything is beneficial! (1 Corinthians 10:23) God promised that He will never be angry with me (Isaiah 54:9), should I continue to sin so that grace will abound?(Romans 6:1) Should I take advantage of someone's love and mercy for me? My decisions are not so that I can look holy or impress God, so why dont I indulge in all of the worldly pleasures?

1. My heart will condemn me
Regret is the hardest thing for me to live with and everytime I hurt someone it bothers me and I feel guilty. Guilt, hurt and shame eat away at someone's soul and heart, its poisonous!
2. The short lived pleasures are not worth the repurcussions and eternal consequences.
If I murder someone, it may bring the pleasure of revenge, but the time in prison,the eventual regret, aftermath, disgrace to my family and the pain caused to the family of the victim is not worth it!
3. I love you too much to tempt you or allow you to partake in my sins. As a result, I try to make my life a living testimony/epistle. I dont want to be a walking contradiction.
4.God loves me and He is merciful to me, I will not take that for granted. I receive His love, His grace which not only covers my sins but empowers me not to sin as well as takes away the desire for said sin.
5. I need faith and boldness when I approach God, if I feel ashamed and guilty, I will want to avoid Him but I need Him and desire fellowship with Him so I keep my conscience clear.

God will never be angry with you (

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bye New Orleans, LA

Spent a great day in NOLA, time to go home

This is "bloggable"

I run out to catch my 5:56am bus, I must have forgotten how close I live because I get to the bus stop two minutes later and I have about a 20 minute wait. I decided that I will take the 5:35am bus. A cab driver pulls up and I decline his offer. Cabs to JFK are upwards of $30, I was early for my 8am flight so I decided to wait. Then the compelling offer came "I have to go to the airport anyways, so I will take you for $10" Say no more, Im in!

Get to the airport at 5:58, checked in at the kiosk, boarding is at 6:15am, flt leaves at 6:45am, the security line is long up the wazu (that means very long lol)
I get on line, the line moves dramatically and by 6:15am, I am already checked by TSA.

I walk over to New Orleans counter and they are almost finished boarding and have started the final call boarding announcements. At ten minutes before the flight, people continue to trickle in for the flight. There is one seat left and the customer agent calls a name, but they are traveling as a pair and dont want to split. She then utters the sweet words "Rose-Anne Angus"

She confirms that there is no one in 22A and invites me on the plane. Four minutes to departure, I am all settled in and headed to New Orleans. Destination determined, destiny unknown.

Living by faith is a lifestyle, not a movement. I walk by faith and not by sight.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mani pedi Ladi KFC

Did you know kfc is now kgc?Griled chicken!

love hanging out with Lads!

Old school jam of the day

Root of Bitterness?

I realized that over the past few days, people I care about have been failing me alot.

The first thing I thought I needed to do is evaluate my relationships. The part that bothered me the most is that I rarely ask people for assistance and in the last few instances, the favors were so minute. I immediately pondered on the repurcussions of a larger request. I thought to myself "I am tired of this" I was not tired, I was hurt. Then I thought, maybe I just have high expectations of people, its not that they dont have the ability, desire or potential to execute, it is just that I have been putting my trust in and relying on people, instead of God. There has to be a balance. In the past, I would never ask people for help and then I realized it was pride disguised as a desire to not inconvenience people.

Bitterness almost set in as I thought to myself "I would do anything for him/her, how could they disregard me like this?" Ive decided that my business is not how people treat me, thats between them/their conscience and God. My business is how I treat them. I will continue to walk in love and honor. I am not trying to be holy for God, this is for me, so that my heart wont condemn me.

I also realized that the first time someone failed me that week I said "people keep failing me", that is a negative confession and has manifested into a self fulfilling prophecy. I shouldnt be surprised when it happened again, I called that into my life!

OK back on track. Jesus, thanks for revealing that to me.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Pick up Lines

I am so over these corny lines and people telling me what to do. Some guys seem to think that telling you what to do is the perfect segue into a conversation. They will tell me things like "smile" or "come here". The one who told me to smile actually irritated me because I was deep in thought and besides I dont like being told what to do! Then I was walking into a store and a guy said "hey, come over here" I couldnt just ignore it, so I stopped and said "really?! has that ever worked for you in the past?" What kind of girl is he messing with?
Last night, a guy said to me "do you have a minute?" I shook my head motioning "no", he responded, "I have two (minutes), can I lend you one of mine?" I thought that was cute, maybe because I havent heard it before but I still walked away.
This morning as I walked to the train station, I was intently looking for flights deals, I was looking at my phone when a guy interrupted "keep your head up, you are too beautiful to walk with your head down" Like seriously? Thanks for the compliment but who texts and walks with their phone in the air. I think he was the same guy who told me to smile, dude stop telling me what to do!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Before I die wall

 Before I die I want to make a mark in this world that can never be erased

Monday, July 23, 2012

Rollerblading on my lunch break

I'm tired of complaining about not having enough time, I just need to maximize my time and find more creative ways to fit everything in a day...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Memories of San Diego

I just had to post these pics of  San Diego because I have such great memories from being there. Wish I was there now!
 Dinner at Mama testa

 Pacific Beach