Friday, June 8, 2012

The Sweetest Sleep Ever

I had to fast 8 hours before my lactose intolerance test on Thursday so before going to bed, I had an ice-cream bar! Listen, I am going out with a BANG, if you are going to tell me not to eat it, no problem, I just had one! My license to expire is slowly expiring. I did a number of tests to figure out if there is a gluten or lactose allergy. 

Today I had to do a procedure to gain samples of stomach. The anesthesiologist gave me an IV and asked me to lay on my side. There was way too much light and movement for me to fall asleep. My doctor reiterated the procedure of how an endoscope (an instrument used to examine the interior of my esophagus) would be placed in my mouth to take pictures of my stomach. 

So the technicians start to prepare, they motioned to dim the lights and while I am getting an explanation of how I will be sedated, the tech chimes in "yea, this is what Michael Jackson got but he got an overdose" - like seriously, how do you say that to someone lol? The anesthesiologist holds my hand and says "OK so you will be out in a few minutes" and I think "yea right"; it had to be less than five seconds before I was out because I do not recall completing that thought! Twenty minutes later I am wheeled into the recovery room. I did not feel a thing, no discomfort, no pain. 

 That was the shortest sweetest sleep I have ever experienced! I understood why I needed an escort and why I was not supposed to make any important decisions or operate heavy machinery.

I could barely stand, I was so dizzy! And I had the giggles, I was sooo giddy. The nurse asked me if I was ok and I just started laughing and responded "yes, I'm fine". What I find interesting is that they make you sign for your discharge instructions using invisible ink. You don't know what you are signing, you are not supposed to make important decisions but they ask you to sign on the dotted line seconds after you recover! 

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