Friday, June 1, 2012

Shake Shack: The Experience

Gwendolyn and I spent our Friday evening with residents from the Lower East Side Housing helping them with BINGO. After we agreed to go see a movie in Brooklyn.

The movie plan was a flop, the screen was not working...epic fail..but just a minor setback, we already had our eyes and stomach set on going to the Shake Shack anyways, so that simply sped up the process. 

This Shake Shack opened in Brooklyn late December 2011 but this is my first time.
 Oooo grade A, not like I really care because I have been known to eat at places with grade pending lol

 Always prepared, I had a stash of Lactaid!
 The food was really good!

After catching up and devouring our food, Gwen and I walked a few blocks to our respective public transportation outlets. 

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