Monday, June 18, 2012

My 27th Birthday

I wanted to spend some time solo on my birthday so I decided to have breakfast alone. I figured that would be much better than leaving a group "yea so I need some me time, gots to go" :) I woke up early, thanked God for another fabulous year, got dressed and headed to 42nd St. I got a table at the W Hotel's Blue Fin Restaurant

 The view of Times Square from the restaurant

After indulging in my breakfast, I took a cab to work. I was pleasantly surprised by cards, flowers and warmth from my friends at work

All throughout the day I received birthday wishes and at lunch time, Shakira and I went to the Hudson River for a photo shoot!

Ready? OK!

It was a beautiful day!
Kira did a photo shoot

Say cheese

That was hilarious, hold on, I'm not ready yet

OOK so now I am going to take a picture over there........

Now I am going to pretend like I'm not looking lol

Then Shakira ate her salmon and I ate my sushi

Tastes much more appetizing that it looks

Birthday is going excellent so far!

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