Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Christ I know

The first 1:16 seconds is singing so feel free to forward

Salvation is a free gift, it cannot be bought or earned. I am not a salesman selling religion. Religion is not for sale. A relationship with God is an invitation you freely accept.

Today I present you Christ (not the church or religion)

- not the pale anemic pious sentiment
- not the gentle Jesus meek and mild

But the Christ of the Gospels who
- enjoyed wedding and wouldn't allow His guests to go without wine
- called a spade a spade
- sat with the sinners

The people Christ personally invited to be His friends were not the popular ones we may be attracted to but those who were considered a lower class. We must invite the sophisticates, irreligious, lost and lonely; extend our fellowship. Christ likes all types of people, strange people, etc - He loves them!

He was a man of sorrows acquainted with grief but He did this so that we can experience joy to the fullest!

Be bold for Christ - A Man called Peter 

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