Sunday, June 3, 2012

All I need is you

Last night was emotional! It started with me being in physical pain so I spent most of the day in bed. I am usually always on the go so I don't have time to process my thoughts, so as I lay there in bed, all my unresolved feelings came crashing down waiting for me to deal with them. Or was it that I was feeling emotionally out of it so I lay in bed and then the pain surfaced? In any case, I needed emotional healing. My coping mechanism: sleep, so I slept the night away.

Woke up early, admittedly feeling better, but the longings that I felt for someone I missed and everything else was still there- unresolved. Adrienne, Jessica, Sammie and I agreed to meet at Brooklyn Tabernacle, we met up with Esther after. I went to church with a heavy spirit, The first few songs in church were simply mental assent, oh I like that song or oh yeah that's true, but my heart was not ready to praise and my mind was elsewhere. Pastor Cymbala introduced the next song "I Never Lost My Praise" by Brooklyn Tabernacle and encouraged us to forget about the sins, the pain, the cares of the world and give God some praise. "Easier said that done", I thought but then words pierced my heart and I started to rejoice. 

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Regardless of what you go through, hold on to your joy, your praise and your faith! There was a "witness" on the inside of me and I knew that everything was true...Jesus is all I need! I walked out of church light and burden free because I left all my problems there. So I just came back from the hospital...well church that is. I believe that church is a hospital for people with issues (and don't we all have something we are dealing with?). Many people see church as a museum of saints, which is why they focus on the hypocrisy. People who go to church don't profess to be perfect, but we strive after perfection (Jesus). We are all a work in progress!

Adrienne, Jessica, Sammie and I grabbed some food at a local diner around the corner.

A "quick trip" to the shoes store turned out into an almost hour long event! I didn't buy anything but the girls tried on some really cute shoes! As I boarded the bus home, I passed this sign "All I need is you" and some new shoes.

                                               All I need is you Jesus!

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