Sunday, June 10, 2012

Concrete Jungle: The NY Hustle

A typical Italian icy costs $1 and depending on location, vendors may charge a bit more. Ny and I were on the Brooklyn Bridge and the vendor was serving an icy to a tourist. She inquired about the price and he responded $3, $5 and $7. Ny's facial expression changed so fast but I sensed something from the vendor and just told Ny to wait. As soon as the tourist left, I handed him $1 and said, I will take a cherry coconut icy for $1 please. He started laughing as he took my $1 with no hesitation. Ny started talking to him and for the entire time all he did was laugh. Ny paid $2 as a tip, he gave us two scoops each and thanked us for purchasing. 

I think I have lived in China too long because in my mind everything is negotiable. I was  a lot bolder in this situation because I did not ask him if it was OK to sell it for $1 or if he could just give me $1 worth, I pulled out my $1, handed it to him and placed my order. 

I guess it's all about demand and supply. I have never looked at an icy as art but if someone is willing to bid $10K for a piece that my two year old niece created, think I won't sell it? It's all about branding and value and ultimately what someone else is willing to pay to own an item. 

Only in NY!

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