Thursday, June 7, 2012

It must be the devil

I am in bed, I hear Debonair's Pure Class serenade me as my alarm goes off. Not feeling fully rested, I snooze my alarm.

So instead of waking up at 6 when my first alarm goes off, I wake up at 6:45 after snoozing my second alarm.

Normally I dont have time to cook in the mornings but on this particular day when I am already late, I decide to make ackee to take to work.

Then wonder why I didnt make the usual bus. It must have been the devil, right? WRONG! Christians, stop blaming the devil for your ill decisions!

I know that there are forces of darkness working in the world but I honestly feel that we give too much credit to the devil! Its almost as if we are saying he is more powerful than God and despite our actions we always fail. Thats so far from the truth. In the above action I needed to take responsibility for my action or rather inaction (not waking up on time).

By the way, I made it to work on time :-)

Another issue I noticed with Christian mentality is that we often blame external circumstances for our sins. For example, a Christian overdoses on drug and the first thing we do is blame the devil. Surely there may have been some arrangements to make the drugs more convenient or available but the Bible says that we sin because of our own lusts. You cannot tempt me with marijuana or a dish of liver, tripe (shaki) and celery because I dont lust after that. In the same way we need to stop giving that little creep more power and work out our own salvation.


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