Sunday, June 10, 2012

I love bROoklyn (Brunch and Brooklyn Bridge)

Ny and I met at Ms. Dahlia's for the well renowned chicken and biscuits. 
It definitely lived up to our expectations. My neighborhood is becoming more diverse and I love it. 

We met a couple who were planning to move into the neighborhood. Before they approached us Ny and I were discussing about identity and no condemnation. We know who we are in Christ so no one can condemn us for what we wear, do, eat or think. 

One girl asked me if she thought that she would be rejected because she was a gay couple. I didn't know how to respond because it was hard to tell that they were gay. I said "unless you walk around wrapped in a rainbow flag, people won't necessarily know that you two are a couple, besides I don't really think a lot of people care. Granted, you will always find an ignorant person who shares their unsolicited opinion, but I don't think you have to be concerned about that." I never understood why some gay people feel the need to exclaim and advertise their sexual orientation. Straight people don't walk around with shirts saying "I am heterosexual" and I don't publicize it every time I tell a lie (yea I tell lies some times). 
This is the message of grace the church forgot to teach. Come to God just the way you are and He will make the necessary adjustments. If you could reach perfection without Him, why would you need Him? I invited the couple to church and the main girl responded 
Girl: "I am not religious"
Ro: Neither am I.
Girl: I was raised Seventh Day Adventist
Ro: I have a relationship with God. I don't care if you go to church on Saturday or Sunday; eat pork or chicken; wear makeup or not; have your hair natural or relaxed.

She started asking more about our church and was excited to learn about our pastors. Ny explained to her that we don't judge people, we love on people and that they should come just as they are. Come in your jeans pants, your skirt, shorts, oversized hat or your long gown. I told her that religion has been successful in creating a divide and an unrealistic setting. Girls are going to the beach in sweatpants because they feel condemned to wear a swimsuit at the beach! That is soooo not God's will for your life. 

People rebel when they don't think you love them, children rebel when they think their parents hate them, spouses rebel when they doubt their partners love for them and we rebel when we think God is angry at us. He is not mad at us. He loves us. He loves you. God loves ____________ (insert your name here)

Today I give you the same invitation, come to Jesus....just the way you are... He is not mad at you and He loves you.

After leaving the restaurant, Ny and I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge

Too cool for words lol

Hot commodity - Italian icy - I blogged about it

Tastes so refreshing!

Then we just sat on the benches and had a heart to heart

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