Monday, October 24, 2011

Sleep Bank?

The body is so unfair! Its only Monday and I am soooo tired! I didn't have an exceptionally busy weekend and I woke up feeling rested, why did I fall asleep on myself at 8:30pm? I was waiting for my potatoes to finish boiling and the next thing I knew, I woke up and my potatoes were done.

I am a very proactive person and I like to plan ahead. If I predict a busy week, why cant I just sleep in advance to deposit sleep? The body will allow us to catch up on sleep in a reactive way, so why not in a proactive way? Why cant we bank sleep so that we can withdraw it later?

If you dont think the body is unfair, watch a fat person go to the gym faithfully for a few months and have ZERO visible results. Give that same person a couple donuts and see how quickly it attaches to the ribs and how visible it is! No fair!!!

10:30 going to bed!

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