Monday, October 31, 2011

Earthquake... Magnitude uh... 1.6?

After two weeks of having a very annoying cough, I managed to develop the sniffles. Could that be from last Thursday when I got wet in the rain? Friday when the temperature dropped by more than ten degrees? Saturday when it rained and snowed?

Today I am standing talking to two of my coworkers when I am thrusted forward. The last time I felt that Jack Sparrow like motion, it was an earthquake of 8.6 magnitude, felt about the same, but this time only I was affected. After that dizzy spell, I fall into my chair, I look up everything is way too bright so I just hold my head in my hands until I regain composure.

Some may say it was self-inflicted, the night time Theraflu I consumed during the day, followed by the day time Theraflu I drank after lunch.... I beg to differ

After work, I headed home, before 6pm I was logged into my conference call and ready to talk to my friends to plan the "China reunion". Of the 6 people I was closest to while I lived in China, 4 of them are in America now, we must meet! We are making progress on finding a time that fits the teaching schedules. 

After  7pm, I was on a very productive 90 minute conference call.

Pass me the Vicks I'm going to bed!

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