Monday, October 17, 2011

I already miss teaching! Tonight was my last day of class. Initially, when I agreed to teach the course, it was a way to give back to the community. Even though it would demand a lot of my time, it was only six weeks and I knew that it would be worth it. It truly exceeded my expectations. The participants were enthusiastic, over time built confidence but they had a drive and a willingness to learn that made it so much easier to teach.

A few of my students could not make the finale but we had an overview of all the past lessons then I ended the class with a cultural PowerPoint that gave them insight into living in China.

Students and the owner alike are interested in another round of classes and the possibility of a beginners and an intermediate class. With my already busy life, I am not sure if I should commit to more but how can I not? I'm sure there is something else I can cut out, sleep? I mean I am down to five hours daily, what's another hour going to do? I will sleep when I am dead! Wrong?

Wise decision making... a law I need to establish in my life. See you soon my students.

Zai jian!

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