Sunday, October 9, 2011

The law of decision making

Life is a series of decision making and the quality of our decisions will be based on how much knowledge we have.

When we awake, the decisions begin immediately; am I going to snooze the alarm clock or get out of the bed; will I apply deoderant or walk around funky; will I eat breakfast or not?

Now our life is a sum total of the decisions we made in our life. Stop giving the credit to the devil, it (the devil) is sly but not that sly. You did not get evicted because of the devil but rather negative decisions (spending the rent money on something else, not going to work, not having a job, etc) cannot get evicted if you are paying your rent, so stop blaming the devil for your bad decisions.

Renew your mind,make the right decisions and live a life of peace!

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