Sunday, October 2, 2011

Antidote for slothfulness: discipline and diligence

This is sooo hard on my flesh. I am endeavoring to be a more disciplined person so that I can use my emotions/feelings to enjoy life and not be ruled by my emotions/feelings.

I am not going to start with the big things, I am going to try to master the smaller things first then progress. I had my first test at 6am.

I am going to meet my friend Roxanne so I wanted to wake up early, do a few things and then head out. The alarm clock goes off and King Flesh just snoozes. Like hello, the real me has things to do, dont snooze that clock!

Anyways, its 9am and I am an hour early but thats not the point, I should have woken up when my alarm went off. Now the things I should have done at 6 have to be done later.

Day one..

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