Friday, October 7, 2011

Attention creates desire

So I have been focusing on lust, of course most people think of lust in a sexual context but it is simply a strong appetite (which in my case the definition is very fitting because it refers to food!)

Some people lust after money, power, influence, sexual desire, food, comfort and leisure. An excessive appetite for anything can become lust. These appetites bring war to your mind and will. I recall sitting in the training room yesterday. After eating a piece of twix and then a milky way chocolate, there was a war waged in my mind whether I should have another piece. I decided to try to gain discipline over small things because I have already enjoyed two too many, did I really need a third? That could not be considered deprivation! But how do these desires begin?

Well attention creates desire. Before the chocolate was presented, I did not crave it. As it was passed from one person to the next, my desire for a piece intensified. When I speak in my Jamaican dialect, to convey the thought "I am not going to give him the time of day ", I will say "mi nah pay him no mind/any attention"...that makes sense. I will ignore the person, not give them any attention and ultimately relinquish any desire for them! The more you expose yourself to someone or something (product, brand name, idea) the stronger the desire for them grows!

Reverse the process, stop nourishing that thing you dont want to grow and fed ot pay attention to the thing you want (freedom from addiction, results), make positive statements over it and use your faith (yes we are talking abt faith again, we always will) to satisfy the desires of your spirit and not the cravings of yoir flesh!

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