Sunday, October 16, 2011

Praise God I am not approachable!

So I am boarding the bus to head back to NY from Philly and I choose a seat that has an empty seat beside it. Within seconds of me settling down, a guy who was sitting across from me moves over to the empty seat beside me and asks me if it is ok. I shrug my shoulders with the nod of my head.

After the bus drives off, he strikes up a conversation with me and later casually mentions that I am not approachable.

Ro: So why did you start talking to me? (as if that makes me any more approachable lol)
Guy: Because I am not intimidated by you.
Ro: Well what would make me intimidating?
Guy: The way you present yourself.
Ro: (in a gangsta voice) Well I can't be all smiles, gotta act gaaangsta so I don't get punked. (serious voice) What about the way I carry myself anyways?
Guy: Well, for starters the way you dress...
Ro: (probing) okkkkk?
Guy: You know some females wear (motions midriff/belly skin tops and short shorts) certain kinds of clothes
Ro: ohhhhhhhhh, you mean I don't dress like a ho! And even if I did, I realize that it's almost winter and it's too cold for all that mess!
Guy: (smiles) Most of those girls still dress like that when its cold.
Ro: Thank you, I am glad I am not approachable!!!

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  1. So I'm home and can post comment finally....
    my comment: hahahahahaha!!