Friday, October 7, 2011

The Purpose Driven Life

What is your purpose on earth?

God created us with a purpose and we are destinied for greatness. God has already created us with a purpose, our job is to discover the plan and purpose.
Lets not be slothful, dont be lazy, seek God and discover your purpose.

Psalm 139:16 says that my entire life was recorded before a single day passed. We were all created with a SHAPE.

Spiritual Gifts - God given gift
Heart - passion directed by a role/position; specific people (help children, elderly, gender; hurt); cause (animals, environment, etc)
Ability - natural talents (winning others over, influence, recruiting, managing resources and time, teaching, writing, etc)
Personality -  temperaments
Experience - background, life lessons, hurt

The five items listed above have been used to shape us. What have gone through and how we are created is not an accident, these will be used to form us and are a part of God's master plan!

When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandments, He answered:

Love the Lord with all your soul, strength, mind and heart!

He then followed up with... love your neighbor as yourself

So use your SHAPE to help others...

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