Saturday, May 26, 2012

Backyard Spa

My cousin Kiki invited us to her house for a bbq, manicure, pedicure and pool party for the kids.
 I felt like I was in Jamaica, delicious coconut water, sugar cane, dumpling, ackee, the works!

 My sister Melanie thought the "snail" was cute!
 Putting Melanie to work, crack that coconut
 Alyssa's first pedicure
 My cousin Shan leaving for Calais, France

 One of my favorite games, Ludi (ludo)
 Decisions, decisions

 Nail technician AK, she is a darling!

 She is so passionate about her line of work
 Melissa getting a pedicure

 My two sisters, Melissa and Melanie

 Melissa's manicure
 Love you AK!
 The bombbbbb cake with custard
 Karaoke lol

 My niece and I

 Sisters and I

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