Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hillsong Church

We went to Hillsong Church for the 9:30am service, awesome praise and worship!

My nieces went to Children's church

My cousin Julene Angus came as well
The Bible in a magazine

Book recommendation

Sandra L. Richter. The Epic of Eden: A Christian Entry into the Old Testament. IVP Academic, 2008. (263 pages)

    The Message

    The church is the HOME

    Owner - our family | community
    My part

    Develop a sense of why we do what we do

    Praise/sing (Psalm 84, Psalm 22:3)
    - we sing to boast about the goodness of God
    - let God shine in the midst of darkness
    - enables us to build up our faith
    - encourages and stirs up other's faith

    - lift up the needs of other
    - fellowship with God
    - for boldness in proclaiming the Good News

    - be encouraged not lectured
    - receive instruction, correction
    - allow the Holy Spirit to personalize the message
    - transform lives and renew thinking

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