Monday, May 21, 2012

Lorz comes to visit

Lori and I have been friends for close to 2 decades! She lived in the UK while I was in the USA, we spent lots of time together in Jamaica and despite the distance, our friendship blossomed and we lead parallel lives!  Even though she had exams in two days, she came to visit me on Monday since I was starting my Europe tour the following day. We are twins from different parents, our birthday is just hours apart!

She hands me this newspaper and says "there was an earthquake in Italy yesterday, are you still going?" I respond "well, it already happened, right?" Of course I am aware of aftershock and I use wisdom when traveling but there is no fear here. Italy, here I come!

Lori, I miss you, thank God for Skype and technology but it was great catching up in the flesh!

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