Saturday, May 5, 2012

I love the LA PD

I woke up feeling relaxed and rested. I had breakfast in the hotel then started my day by heading to my bank to figure out what was going on. I planned to rent a car right before the soccer game so I took the bus which was one block away from the hotel. 

Everything checked out fine, so I wanted to go back to the hotel, I walked for a few minutes but could not find the bus stop heading the opposite direction!

The last time I went to LA, I was still in my New York mode and when the traffic was clear, I walked across the street. A traffic cop walked over to me and explained that he should give me a ticket for jaywalking but he will just give me a warning. I thanked him and explained “oh, I didn’t know, I’m from NY!” So this time, I was very cognizant and decided not to jaywalk. I saw a pathway of flowers and walked up to it trying to figure out if that path would lead me to the bus stop. As soon as I got to the top of the steep walkway, I realized that I was on the highway! I stood there for less than three seconds before a police car drive up!

I walked willingly towards the cop car and before he had to interrogate me I explained that I was trying to get back to my hotel but I couldn't find the bus. I don't know if he called for back-up but before I finished giving him my hotel information another cop car pulled up. I stood on the highway beaming at the situation and the other cop walked over to me and stated that he would give me a ride. He asked me if I knew any martial arts or had any weapons and I offered to show him my bag. He opened the door for me (thank God I sat in the front seat!) and we had a great talk on the way back to my hotel as I explained how I got on the highway, why I was in LA, spoke about our nationalities, etc. The hotel staff who gave me directions had a concerned look on his face as I came out of the cop car but the huge smile on my face ensured that his worries should subside.

I love the LAPD! After I got back to the hotel with my police escort, I reserved an additional night and bought a ticket to attend the NY Red Bulls v LA Galaxy Game.

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