Sunday, May 20, 2012

Malabar Junction - Indian Restaurant

London is known for it's Indian food and I was craving some! After the exhibit at the British Museum, we went to a South Indian (Kerala) restaurant, MalabarJunction.

Five star in the UK doesn't refer to price or prestige, but the Food Standard Rating, i.e., how safe is it to eat it! My cousin, Kiki explained that this is a 5 star restaurant

The bill came to less than 100 pounds. Not bad for 4 adults and 3 children and really delicious food

Kiki's meal

Alyssa and Olivia had the chicken malabar, it was delicious.
Curried boneless chicken cooked with spices, tomatoes, and fresh Coconut milk and curry leaves

Melissa's meal - Yummy. Nice and spicy!
Marinated chicken cooked with capsicum, spices, ginger, garlic and green chilli

Julene had this!
An exotic combination of King Prawns and mango cooked in sauted fenugreek, Onion, tamarind and curry leaves and finished with coconut milk

My meal...nice way to sample a bunch! Loved it!

After dinner we took Julene to the train station, and came home and chilled with Kiki and kids. Took good bye pics.

Shortly after Kiki and OT left, my friend Burton phoned that he was on the way.

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