Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to ROme

My body is so trained to fall asleep as soon as I settle on the plane! The flight from Prague to Rome is 90 minutes, when did I start sleeping with my mouth open? Maybe this only happens when I go two days without sleeping, switch time zones and then go another day without sleep!

The flight was so short, a had a few pleasant dreams which I cannot recall and I woke up abruptly upon landing. Melanie was still sleeping and I kissed her on her cheek and in a terrible exaggerated Italian accent, I said "Bonjourno/buon giorno". She responded that I owe her a kiss, so this time I kissed both cheeks.

We grabbed our bags and searched for "immigration", we spotted an immigration officer and asked where we should get stamped, he just told us to walk out! Next mission, find the Leonard express and take it to Roma Termini, our accommodation was a few steps from of the Colosseum. 

Isn't my sister fabulous?

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