Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day in Prague

Bittersweet feelings, I loved the fairytale land of Prague so I don't really want to leave but I am looking forward to Italy again. So if this is the biggest concern I have, then life is pretty good!

At this point, my sister Melanie and I know that we want to go to Rome but we still have no concrete plans to go anywhere else... talk about as Melanie says "living life by the seat of your pants!"

Wednesday May 23rd - Prague to Rome
Thursday May 24th - ??
Friday May 25th - ??
Saturday May 26th - ??
Sunday May 27th - London to New York

                                             Taxi driver Kavel - super friendly


There a re a lot of Range Rovers, Audi and Maserati in Prague!
They are not affected by the obesity health crisis!

We are Rome bound

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