Sunday, May 6, 2012

WCC-LA (World Changers Church Los Angeles)

Church is held at the Proud Bird Restaurant located at 11022 Aviation Blvd, LA

 There are many things that I love about my church, right now I am loving the fact that I am in LA and two minutes from my hotel, I can worship with my own church! There are satellite churches all over and we are starting more.

Here is what I learned today:

Message: Having faith in forgiveness – now that I know that forgiveness is a finished work, should I still confess to God every time I sin in order to gain forgiveness?

- It is NOT wrong to confess your sins to God but it is wrong for us to confess our sins to God with the purpose of seeking forgiveness

- When we received salvation, we were forgiven of our past, present and future sins

- We confess our faults to God because we are in a relationship with Him and have fellowship; we are simply being honest about our failures and humanity. We should not try to get God to do something that He has already done. We simply confess it out of transparency

- I am simply accepting my responsibility so that I can be restored to my original place of fellowship, I am not disqualified. I regain my right standing with God (James 5:16)

- We need to have more faith in what Jesus has already done (forgiven our sins) than in what we do (requesting forgiveness daily)

Romans 8:1 states that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus

- We should pay attenton to grace and God will pay attention to our faith

The reason satan tried to get Jesus to turn stone into bread is because the laws were written on stones, so symbolically Jesus would nourish Himself with the law. We are no longer under law, but in grace.

Read the entire chapter of 1 John 1:7 and you will be able to dispel myths religion has fed us

1 John 1:7 states that the blood cleanses us from all sins (also Hebrews 8:12; 9::11,12: 10:14, 17,18) – we have been perfected forever; stop walking around in sin, guilt and shame that is no longer associated with you!

God is not in debt to any man, He does not owe anyone forgiveness. The debt has been paid in full since the day Jesus died on the cross and exclaimed “It is finished”

Do not try to work for your forgiveness, rest in the fact that you are already forgiven. Traditions have made the Word of God of no effect

What if one day I forgt to confess one sin? Will I now go to hell on a technicality? Sin is simply knowing what is right and not doing it. We are not classifying sin into the top ten or the big five. If I speed 1 mile over the speed limit, I am guilty of sin, will I know go to hell for this unconfessed sin? Do you see how ridiculous this sounds? Stop being so sin conscious and focus on the righteousness you have inherited.

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