Saturday, May 5, 2012

NY Red Bulls v LA Galaxy Game (Cinco de Mayo)

After securing my ticket, I changed into my swimsuit ready to lounge by the pool until it was time for the game. I met a woman named Pat and our conversation confirmed that my trip to LA was not a mistake. God, I love you! After a brief nap, I got dressed for the game and headed back to the original rental car…SOLD OUT! I went back to my hotel and I guess I wore the conversation on my face because one of the staff members asked what happened and I explained. I sat down and minutes later, he ushered me over, pulled up his ipad and allowed me to book a car through Hertz. He then arranged for the driver to take me to get my rental car! Getting the rental was a breeze and minutes later I was on highway 405S heading to Carson’s Home Depot Stadium!

1   I didn’t realize how good my seats were until I got there -saw the sweat on the players faces and noticed how many tattoos David Beckham has. The vibe was electrifying, it was Cinco de Mayo, people were thrilled, there were fireworks, Alfonso Ribeiro, more affectionately known as Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire wowed the fans as he sang the national anthem. A group of young girls sat in front of me desperately trying to get the attention of the media camera and the players; they succeeded in both.

Even after we had an obvious win, there was an additional 5 minutes which did not prove very useful.

The victory dance – New York Red Bulls honored my sacrifice to fly 6 hours to see them play a game J Score 1:0

 As the players exit the field, the girls in my section start screaming at them to come over and one of the players gives her his soaking wet sweaty shirt that he just played in. She was beyond thrilled.

Us Red Bulls fans were outnumbered, but we were loud and proud

Then after we won, I took a picture with one of the girls supporting the rival team

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