Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I am a carpenter... ?

When Kanye West informed the world that he went to IKEA and put the bed together himself, I wondered, what's the big deal....until I had to put this dresser together myself #overwhelmed#

I lay all the parts on the ground and found relief when I saw this picture!

Ikea to the rescue

My friend Eva walked in and mocked "are you calling Ikea to help you put it together? Get off the phone, I will help you! I so appreciate her, I do not know what pictures she was looking at because they did not make sense to me but she got me through the entire shell! #angel#

Why do I still have so many screws left? When is this thing going to be over?

Is this supposed to make sense?

I was so tired, I just wanted to go to sleep and put my clothes away. Frustrated, going to bed!

Day 2 (Wednesday night)- A fresh start, kinda makes sense, 2 out of 4

Got it done! Thank ya Jesus!

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