Sunday, December 11, 2011

Something greater

I arrive at the train station and I hear the train I need approaching, I swipe my Metrocard and I get an error message. Now I can see the train, I still have enough time. I swipe several more times and then as I turn to find help, a man is walking towards me. He was going to let me in the subway for free, I showed him my card and justified that he wasnt just giving out free rides to random people even though it was a nice gesture. After seeing my card, he comments on the uselessness of these MTA cards. I race down the stairs and as soon as I get half way down, the train starts to pull off. I am wicked vexed because I hate being late, I gave myself ample time and I didnt want to miss my 10 o' clock engagement.

As I fuming, I blame God and say "what was that about?" Bouts of wind start to blow as the express train approaches. I immediately repent and thank God that there was something better waiting for me.

Thats the attitude I want to possess, whenever things dont go my way, instead of pouting, I want to immediately rest knowing that something better must be in store.


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