Monday, December 26, 2011

The Holiday Scandal

There was this lady named Mary who claimed she was a virgin. She was dating this guy named Joseph and they were engaged to be married. All of a sudden, she goes home and tells her man that she is pregnant and about to have a baby! Joseph finds restraint to prevent himself from putting her in a chokehold for taking him for a fool and making him the laughing stock of the town listens as she explains that an angel …wait…pause…angels don’t exist…anyways…an angel approached her told her not to be afraid because with God anything/everything is possible/nothing is impossible. He told her she would have a baby, she questioned the possibility of it and she accepted it, conceived it, believed it and said “be it unto me” and waited to achieve it.
Now I know you have heard this story many times, the account is in Luke 1:26-38 but lets think of this, you know if I came to you with this “story” you would tell me to stop lying or lay off the rum cake. The Bible isn’t an old book that has no relevance to everyday life, it is more real that the person next to you! It is so timeless,

So heres how we are going to apply this to our lives:

1. Mary had to conceive something that she could not make reference to in the natural realm. It is impossible in the physical realm to give birth to a child alone! Impossibilities WILL be presented in your life and you have to take hold of the fact that NOTHING is impossible with God! What issue do you have that seems impossible to fix? Is it healing from an incurable disease? Is it debt freedom? Having a child even though the doctors declared you barren? Restoration of family/marriage/relationships?
2. Take the limits off God. Don’t tell God what He can and cannot do! He created this universe with words, he can fix your situation!
3. Trust in God more than you trust in government, yourself and your money

PS I believe in angels

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