Monday, December 26, 2011

Commercialized Christmas

Time after time, I have expressed my feelings and disappointment at how commercialized Christmas has become. I remember celebrating Christmas in Jamaica. The preparations were exciting and family oriented, decorating the tree and preparing the food but we always remembered the “reason for the season”. We would spend time in church thanking God for His awesome gift and that was the main item on the agenda. The food, gifts, etc were just the icing on the cake. This year, I had to pull back several times to keep the true meaning alive. I found myself getting stressed because I hadn’t purchased gifts for my nine nieces and nephews. When I got to a budget of over $600 for just them and my parents, I had to renew my mind and maintain perspective. Here are my pet peeves:
1. Christmas seems to be more about gifts than Christ
2. People who don’t believe in Christ or His existence celebrate Christmas!
3. It is consistent with the systematic plan to keep people in debt
4. All the preparations for one day bring more stress, debt and frustration that it does delight, peace and joy
5. Sunday churches were CLOSED on Christmas day so that people could have more time for other things!!!!!!!
6. Why do you need a gift? Excuse my English but it aint yo birthday!

Ok I am done ranting now :)

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