Friday, December 23, 2011

Closet Christians

Many times, it is difficult to distinguish Christians from worldly people. And this "blending" effect sets a pitiful example for new Christians. As Believers, we should not love the things of the world more than we love the things of God. God has called us to live holy so we can see His promises come to pass in our lives. However, we cannot achieve holiness if we do not pursue it.

Holiness is being of one mind with God. In other words, we must align our thinking with God's Word. {Whatever God says is right, we say its right} This can only take place through the process of renewing our minds with the Word. Our thoughts represent who we are and will lead us to our ultimate destiny. Therefore, we must examine the way we think.

Excerpt from article "The Importance of Living a Christian Lifestyle" by Pastor Creflo Dollar

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