Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Lies defined

What is a lie? By definition, is a lie simply the opposite of a fact? Of the truth? Intentional falsification of the truth? Does motive or intent matter?
I have a friend who LOVES chocolate, I saw him and he was busy looking for some print outs to give me for a meeting we were going to attend. While he was looking for the agendas, I put 4 pieces of chocolate in his pocket. After he handed me the papers, I said to him in a matter-of-fact voice “do you have any chocolate on you? He responded “no, I don’t have any” I then reached in his pocket, smiled slyly and asked “then what is this?”. He LOL and gave me a hi5. Now he really had chocolate so the fact that he told me he didn’t, isn’t that a lie? Is ignorance enough?
If the speed limit is 55 mph and you are driving 56 mph, should you be pardoned because you didn’t know?

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