Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My greatest asset: my personal relationship with God

I believe that religion creates a sin consciousness. We are not "saved" by our own "goodness" so a lack of "goodness" cannot "unsave" me. Many churches have created a mindset that sin causes you to lose your salvation.

I confessed my faith in Jesus Christ so my spirit is perfected forever. Sin does not cause me to lose my salvation or qualify me for hell. People do not go to hell because they sinned but because they rejected Jesus Christ. Unbelief and a lack of faith are the issue. People have more faith in what they do for Jesus as opposed to what He did for us. That shows a lack of faith in what Jesus accomplished on the cross so you try to "work" it out on your own.

Not wearing make up to try to look sanctified, wearing long pants on the beach to try to appear righteous, not eating certain meat to be holy?! These are not things we can work for, Jesus gave it to us as a free gift.

I live for God, not out of fear that He is going to "get me" but because I love Him and we have a personal relationship.

I dont classify sin into "big sin" or "small sin" category. Either I will be perfect in everything I do or I will need a savior.

Thank God Jesus is my Savior!!! He is my only WAY in and my only way out!

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