Thursday, December 1, 2011

News in New York

I am aware that balance is the key to life so its not wise to be extreme in certain situations. For example, I think that the majority of NY media presents very subjective content and in my mind, news should be factual and objective. That could potentially be because I am used to Jamaican news "Leroy Jones suffered wounds to the chest, he was rushed to the hospital and pronounced dead". No questions asked, no feelings or opinions offered, that's what happened!
Even though I have this view, this is not enough reason to be extreme and state that I do not watch news. However I have more issues with New York news. Serious political news is presented like entertainment, what is considered to be creativity is represented through slang, misspellings and social networking lingo (lol @ rotfl, etc).

Of course there are papers like the New York times and the Wall St journal which offer quality content, but two papers out of more than a handful is very disappointing to say the least.

This rant started yesterday so I cant remember the exact example but i do know that the caption should read ".....that" and it read ".... dat"

Tsk tsk tsk

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