Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Make the Exchange

We have heard many times in life that "nothing is free" and we actually believe it except for when it comes to the church. On the other hand, when we get something for free and it doesn't live up to our expectations, we say "well what did you expect, it was free!"

We would never go to the mall, pick up a shirt and walk out without making an exchange. We have no problems paying for over priced tickets at the movie theater; we quickly pay double the price for a branded cupcake or slice of cheesecake but grumble at an opportunity to sow into the Kingdom of God. People make thousands to hear speeches or to attend a conference. Why do we cheapen the things of God? Why should everything related to the church, God or religion be free?

Do we ever wonder how the utilities get paid? We want to make sure that when its sweltering hot the AC is working and when its freezing the heat better be on but then we have the nerve to wonder where that offering is. Well I have some advice, you want to know where its going? Follow it! LOL jk, but seriously though, let's stop robbing ourselves of the opportunity to make an exchange. That's what the tithing exchange is all about- sowing seed on good ground. Make the exchange.

Louise and Ro after making the exchange!


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