Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Grace and Peace my brethren!

So forgive me if I sound a little like a heathen but I remember visiting churches where people only speak King James English and it would annoy me royally!

Ro: Good Morning, how are you?
Member: Grace and peace, my sister
Ro: (thinking "oh ok whatever"....not quite sure what that means") That's a very nice dress
Member: Well praise the Lord

What? Ah ok you're welcome? I am lost in translation right now!

So the Bible urges us to ensure that we have balance. My pastor always says "Don't be so spiritually good that you are no earthly good and don't be so earthly good that you are no spiritually good."

This morning I read 2 Peter 1: 2

"Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord."

I have read over this scripture a number of times and now it makes sense.

Grace and peace is multiplied through the knowledge of God and Jesus Christ. Let's think about it like this:

You meet someone for the first time amd you are a bit skeptical about them. As you get to know them (knowledge), your anxiety starts to dissolve and you feel at peace when you are around them. Now with God, he gives us grace (mercy when we don't deserve it) and peace that passes all understanding.

Peace: So there have been times when I am in a situation where I should either be crying out my eyes or pulling out my hair (eh wouldnt do that!!!) and I am peaceful beyond measure to where I dont even understand how I could be at peace at such a time.

Grace: Or there were times when I sinned and felt all condemned but because I know God and how He loves me and that He sent His Son to die for my sins...instead of living in condemnation, I repent (confess that I was wrong and make a conscious decision not to repeat the sin) and expect God's forgiveness (grace).

Now that's grace and peace! Let the church say "yeaaaaaa" lol

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