Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Shake it up

Today I had a reduced appetite (clear indication that something is wrong)so I didn't eat very much. After lunch, while sipping on some ginger tea, I am thrusted forward in a very Jack Sparrow like motion. I thought I was just dizzy from a lack of food consumption.

I stand to my feet immediately in hopes of confirming with my coworkers that this was beyond me. Several other people were already standing. An earthquake of 5.9 magnitude shook the NE so NYC was affected.

So maybe this prediction was off by 3 months and 2 days; AND the fact that only the North Eastern section of America was affected as opposed to the entire world AND the fact that it was not the greatest earthquake known to man. When people who believed that the world would actually end on May 21, 2011 were asked what happened, they refuted "maybe God changed his mind". It is situations like these that destroy the reputation of Christians and render them gullible.

This is simply a tool to make the Word of God seem incredible (real definition being not credible; not awesome). Someone professes Christianity, manipulates the Bible and has zero results, why would anyone want to follow Christ? That's the plan of this tactic, to turn people away from God :(

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