Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Why God doesn't want you to sin - poll

I wonder how many people really know why God doesn't want us to sin? Do we just think He is a fly swatter ready to swat us every time we fall? Did you think its just because He is a party-pooper? Did you just think it's your get out of hell card?

So instead of continuously wondering, I started a poll:

AS: Corrupts your mentality and blocks your blessings
LE: Sin brings fear, guilt and eventually leads to death. God created us to live a life of abundance (that does not include death)
JB: So I won't go to hell
MI: Sin leads to death which is separation from God and He doesn't want us to be separated from Him. Sin is missing the mark and falling short of His glory
JJ: God hates sin and it blocks Him from blessing us
NT: It brings guilt and condemnation which weakens our faith. God always wants us to approach Him with confidence. God wants us to walk in authority, dominion and confidence. We won't be walking in faith {if we sin} and we'll be unable to exercise our dominion and get answers to our prayers. Also, we'll pull back from God because of condemnation instead of drawing close to him
CL: It separated us from Him and gives the enemy access into our lives

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