Friday, August 26, 2011

Nobody Canna Cross it

So by nature I am not a "worrier" but I believe in being proactive and preparing. So naturally with the impending hurricane, I went out to buy candles, flashlight and the basics. My Jamaican friend who lives in Connecticut calls me and we have the following conversation:

Daneil: Rose-Anne, you should come to Connecticut (CT) today so you can be safe
Ro: I am not going anywhere, furthermore the trains are going to stop running soon and I dont want to be stuck in CT
Daniel: No, you need to evacuate, do you want me to come for you?
Ro: The bridges are closing as well and I really don't think its that serious. I went on the disaster preparedness website and I am not in a hurricane evacuation zone.
Daneil: Well then you need to go to Home Depot and buy some board so that you can board up the windows!
Ro: (LOL hysterically) Daneil, what? I am not buying any boards. You are hilarious!
Daneil: You mother dont tell you? That's what we have to do in Jamaica when hurricanes are coming
Ro: {still laughing uncontrollably}-- Daneil I am not boarding up any window!
Daneil: Well since you are on the third floor, if it starts to flood, you should let everyone come upstairs to your house
Ro: What am I running? A refugee camp? LOL

As I continuously tell her that she is crazy, I start singing "nobody canna cross it" -- she then comes up with another idea in addition to her thought that Cliftwang needs to come help the people cross it, as well as a remix to the song "New York canna cross it".

Daneil: You sure you dont want me to come for you tomorrow? There has to be another way apart from the bridges
Ro: no babes I'm fine but thanks
Daneil: oh I know, you can take the ferry to CT
Ro: but is real poppy show yu tek me fa, big big hurricane and me fi go inna water?
Daneil: {LOL} no you going to come before the rain starts
Ro: is only who can understand it canna cross it

You had to be there, this was simply hilarious!!!

Do your best and let God take care of the rest!

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