Friday, August 19, 2011

Reaping the Rewards/Consequences

I woke up well rested feeling slightly nauseous. While showering and looking down at my bloated stomach, I quickly tried to recall what I ate that would have caused indigestion thinking "I've been good, what's going on?" As I was applying my mascara, the culprit came to mind. Yesterday I had a social outreach event and I bought 7 bars of milk chocolate with almonds and distributed to the people I was with and then indulged in one of my own. "Oh, I remember! That was good, so worth it!" Then I remembered what I had all week--

Sunday: King size twix, snickers with caramel
Monday: Macaroni and cheese; vanilla ice-cream popsicle
Tuesday- cereal (it was vanilla soy milk though :)
Wednesday - I was good aka I cant remember
Thursday - milk chocolate
Today- chicken fried rice and stew chicken

This is how seeds work. We plant the seed and forget about it but we reap the harvest (good or bad). Say for example, you are driving on the I-95 North, you realize three hours later that you should have been going South, even though you have "repented" - turned around, you still would have to suffer the consequences of wasted gas, frustration, lost time and now you still have your original journey set out ahead of you.

So that's the same way sin works, sometimes you forget about it but the consequence may show up months later. Even though God is merciful (giving you what you don't deserve) and will still forgive you if you ask to be forgiven, the seed was already planted and there is a law of seedtime and harvest. But repentance is still worth it, go ahead, turn away from your sins.

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