Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chinese Student Highlight -- Letter from my student

hi rose
today is 9.1, we have 5 new american teachers come , I feel very low, because it Reminds me of you , i miss u so much , You are always so good to me, like my sister , With the changes in the environment I have changed a lot,High school friends did not like lucy and the summer so I really, haha, I lost 28 pounds,it is Very hard to lose weight, I hope you can come back to see me,I hope you feel grown up sensible to me,I know you live in your country must be very happy,I am happy for you,My dear rose, I really miss you and miss you every moment you leave I have a year I hope you come back one day,BTW, do u have boyfriend now ?

Isn't she lovely?

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